What is the Quest?

The Quest is The Side Quest's loyalty points program. Part loyalty program, part social club, part secret society. During your quest every time you  level up you will earn you cool Side Quest swag, discounts, access to special events and more.  You level up by earning points, you earn points by doing all the stuff you already love: eating and drinking new things, going to events, winning competitions, completing quests, even dressing up in cosplay.  You will track your points and levels on The Quest D&D style "character sheet." You earn double points in a quest when you complete that section: like trying all the wing sauces or doing 20 roll-a-beers.  You will be in charge of filling out your own form, for the most part, but you will have a Quest Master (staff member) stamp your achievements during your visit.  We will store your Quest Sheet at Side Quest so that it doesn’t get lost.  Anytime you come by, you can collect your Quest Sheet in the filing cabinet by the kitchen door, and log your points each visit.  While we are in pandemic mode, we will fill out your sheets for you.


What's up with the Guilds?

You were sorted in to one of six guilds based on some personality traits. As The Quest members grow, the guilds will too, and hopefully develop into somewhat of a community with member events, discounts, quests, and more.

More info:
This is a lot to plan and design and this program will evolve one step at a time.  We may change things as we go in order to make sure that everything runs smoothly.  Please feel free to give us your feedback as the programs grows, so we can make the best possible Quest for everyone.  We hope you enjoy your Side Quest!






LEVEL 1, 5 POINTS:  Guild Member Button

LEVEL 2, 25 POINTS:  Side Quest Button Pack

LEVEL 3, 75 POINTS: Pint Glass 

LEVEL 4, 200 POINTS:  T-Shirt

LEVEL 5, 600 POINTS:  Hoodie



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