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WEDNESDAY-SUNDAY: 5:00pm-10:30pm




There is a HUGE learning curve with all of this. We are all in new territory, no matter how much we prepare for this, no matter how much we learn from other businesses, we are assuming there will be hiccups and growing pains. Please bear with us as we get this down to a system that works best for all of us.  


Things have changed a lot with how we do things at SQ. At the moment you CANNOT sit at the bar. We are doing table service, that means we come to you, you order at your table, not at the bar. Rental games are not available at this time, of course you may bring in your own game. At the moment, all seating is still first-come first-served. This of course is all subject to change. We know some places are doing time limits, or timed reservations, we will instate these practices if we need to.

You will wear your mask, and you will wear it properly, this means your nose will also be covered while wearing your mask. You may remove your mask only when you are eating and drinking. When staff is at your table, you will wear your mask, when using the restrooms, you will wear your mask. 


For the time, we are sticking with the hours of THURS-SUN 5pm-10pm. Legally at the moment we are required to do last call at 10pm, and you all have to be out the door by 11pm. Obviously, all staff at SQ are masked. We have upped our disinfecting procedures, all high-touch surfaces including pens, cell phones, doorknobs, tables, etc. are frequently disinfected. We have 3 air purification systems installed, barriers are in place, and where there isn't a barrier tables are more than 6 feet apart. Patio is open until Oct. 31st (yes we are working on a Halloween plan! We will let you know once it is set).  For safety reasons, the menu will be available online. Each table will have a QR code and link on display. There will be paper menus available upon request. If the digital menus go well, we will more than likely keep them post COVID as it saves us an obscene amount of money in ink and paper costs; not to mention way less waste!



*You will be carded to confirm you are 21 before we accept your payment. You must be 21 to purchase alcoholic beverages. With the new Ohio regulations, you are allowed to purchase 3 alcoholic beverages PER MEAL ordered.



You will be able to order online and by phone at 216.228.1212. There have been some minor menu changes, so be sure to check the website before ordering.


All food orders placed online default to a 30 wait for orders. When you arrive pull into our parking lot on the east side of the building. Once you park, call to tell us you arrived. We will ask you your car type and color, and the number where you are parked. We will come out and take your payment, then we will bring your food out. You WILL WEAR A MASK. You will STAY IN YOUR CAR. Pens, etc. are disinfected between all guests. We know you want to hug us, we want to hug you too, but safety first. 

YES, of course you can come on foot. Call us to tell us you're here and hang out by the bike rack. You WILL WEAR A MASK. You WILL STAY SIX FEET AWAY FROM OTHER GUESTS. 

At the moment, all cocktails come in seal-able glassware. Each cocktail has a bottle deposit of $1. Each 32oz growler has a bottle deposit of $5. Return your CLEAN cocktail glassware and growlers for a $1 cocktail discount or a $5 growler discount on your next fill-up. We will NOT accept gross, skunky, moldy, bottle returns.

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