A.) REAPER:  Sensible, logical, honest, grounded, and a little goofy. Often feels like the only sane person in the world, and is often the only person to react semi-reasonably to the crises.  They prefer order and step-by-step plans, they are prone to complaining and often emanates a quiet irritation, they really do enjoy life – caring deeply for family, friends, and career. 

House Colors: Navy & Silver

B.) Dragon: Happy, kind, loving, caring, and extroverted. Can be tough at times when needs to be, but mostly an incredibly supportive friend & partner. They are supercharged by being around the people they love and potential new friends. Endlessly adaptable to new situations and will always find the positive in whatever they come out to be. They try to live their best possible life with has endless amounts of love for their friends and family.
House Colors: Crimson & Tan

C.) UNICORN: Confident yet shy, awkward yet awesome, sweet yet sexual: full of contradictions. Though they can be shy and awkward, often very confident in their appearance, attitude, and personality. Their confidence can occasionally lead them to do something that they will later regret. Even though they can be a bit of a wild card, they are a lover of harmony between the people in their life. Probably has the strongest sense of morality out of the guilds.

House Colors: Purple & Gold


D.) ELF:  Slows things down and will take conversations to strange, new places. They won’t hesitate to blurt out what’s on their mind, and share their emotions. They approach their lives and their art with uncompromising energy. They're committed to their goals as much as they are confident in their ability to achieve them.
House Colors: Brown & Gold


e.) IMP: Brilliant, self-reliant and a little bit devious. Doesn’t like following anyone else's rules, though they are fine with their closest associates. Keeps their social circle close knit and doesn't care to make connections with too many people. A quick thinker and good at coming up with complex, plans to problems and implement them with precision.
House Colors: Ox Blood & Eggplant


F.) GNOME: A loyal friend and really values family. They thrive in environments where loyalty is rewarded, and are most positive when they are around their friend and family. Is quick to offer hands-on assistance with people's problems and is a practical helper. Doesn’t care too much for change. They are some of the most kind-hearted people you could ever meet.
House Colors: Emerald & Gold